Ship Name: S.S. Guns and Handcuffs
Characters: Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter
The biggest Draco ship in the SCUSA waters as well as the biggest SLASH ship, so obviously we rock and EVERYONE should join us!
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Fuh-Q-Fest: Bound and Shagged

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H/D Drabbles

I. Smart Wizards Choose Guns & Handcuffs

II. Harry/Draco take to the high seas!

III. Valentine's Day H/D Style!

IV. Sailors on the Seas of Fate

V. We got the snitch right here…

VI. I lost my heart to a Slytherin

VII. Draco: The snitch Harry really wants to catch!

VIII. Buttonfly only please

IX. Harry Potter in Love

X. Parklife

XI. Light and Dark; Fight and Spark

XII. Standing Up or Lying Down or Any Way at All

XIII. Direct, Passionate, Obsessive

XIV. In Love With Their Love

XV. Tossing Plates Out the Window All Day

XVI. When Push Comes to Shove

XVII. It's All About the GATL

XVIII. The Classics

XIX. Opposites Complete

XX. Harina/Dracina, Because Boys Will Be Girls

XXI. Snogged to Untimely Death

XXII. Living in the Gutter

XXIII. 2 Hot guys, loads of adolescent (& not) female slashers, two proud male slashers, and hormones

XXIV. Behold the Power of Chees

XXV. Simply Irresistible

XXVI. Sizzling Because of Gutter. Lasting Because of Love.

XXVII. Classic Fics, Classic Love

XXVIII. The Obvious Choice

XXIX. (HPxDM)^2 = Intense--Why Break the Rules?

XXX. Transcending Time, Death, and Internet Viruses

XXXI. No More Mai Tais if You Don't Show Me Your Snitch, Potter!

XXXII. Because Tinsel Isn't for Trees

XXXIII. Feed the Addiction

XXXIV. Magically Expanding the Quidditch Shed

XXXV. UST: The Next Generation

XXXVI. The Boy Who Shagged The Boy Who Lived

XXXVII. The Adventures of Lightning Man and Ferret Boy

XXXVIII. Cho and Pansy: The Ex-Files

XXXIX. Is that a Ferret in Your Pocket...?

XL. Don't You DARE Touch That Pimp Cane!

XLI. Bound and Shagged

XLII. Even the French Think We're Canon

XLIII. "You wait. I'll have you." - OotP, Pg 750

XLIV. Row, You Lazy Gutter Pirates, ROW!

XLV. Ferrets R Us

XLVI. Pretty Like a Golden Snitch

XLVII. Because "Hair" is a proper noun

XLVIII. Like Oil and Water: At least one of them's on top.

XLIX. Shagging for the Cause!

L. Harry Potter and His Pureblood Prince